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Extending the length of time that seniors age-in-place by building skills to help families manage care at home.

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We partner with organizations to develop confident and competent family caregivers that can manage care at home. We focus on reducing caregiver burden while improving outcomes and reducing costs for our aging population.

When the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) began looking for new ways to deliver family caregiver support, they focused on scalable solutions that would attract integrated care and payer partnerships.

See how Trualta’s platform helped MARC meet their goals.

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Trualta’s eLearning platform can be delivered at point-of-care, in the home, or remotely, and can be customized to match the brand and experience of the sponsoring organization.

Home & Community Care
Home & Community Care
Case Managers and Care Coordinators onboard families to their personalized learning journey in the home to reduce caregiver burden, improve satisfaction and extend aging-in-place.
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Acute, Post-Acute & Rehab
Acute, Post-Acute & Rehab
Discharge and Transition Teams engage family members during the inpatient stay, to set expectations and begin preparation for care at home. Improve HCAHPS and satisfaction scores, while reducing burnout and readmission rates.
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Payers & Managed Care
Payers & Managed Care
Keep your highest need population happy and healthy at home for as long as possible by preparing and supporting the family members that provide care.
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Our solution is co-developed with family caregivers, and clinically validated in a range of healthcare settings with our research and academic partners.


Of discharge and transition teams agree – confident and competent caregivers can influence outcomes


Of family caregivers we spoke with could use more information on personal care, such as feeding, toileting and bathing


Day delay in long-term care for people with dementia in a family caregiver intervention in Minnesota

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