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It never made sense to us that aides at a home health agency receive senior care training, yet family members, who provide 80%+ of care to aging loved ones living at home, have limited access to training. For example, actionable education like how to prevent falls in the house, safely transfer from a bed or chair, or manage difficult behaviour when a loved one is experiencing reduced cognition. Recognizing that this content exists but isn’t available to families, Trualta adapted professional-level healthcare training for the family member audience. We deliver the training via a proprietary, interactive online learning environment, and tailor the learning to each care situation.

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Jonathan Davis
Jonathan DavisFounder & CEO
Jonathan was inspired to start Trualta while investing in healthcare education at a private equity fund. Prior to that, he was a consultant at McKinsey & Co. He loves to hustle alongside innovative client partners to support families and deliver results. When not working, you can find him traveling with his wife, cruising on his snowboard, or frustrated on the golf course.
Maryam Ali
Maryam AliMarketing Manager
Maryam has a passion for all things science and tech. You can usually find her capturing the latest moments on her favourite tech gadget, her film camera. At Trualta, she makes sure things are running smoothly behind the scenes as the Operations Coordinator.
Tommy Aliber
Tommy AliberFinance
As Director of Finance, Tommy enjoys leveraging data to provide insights that help fuel Trualta's growth. He started his career as a consultant with PwC, and more recently has experience investing in and operating education technology companies. Outside of work he enjoys chasing his daughter and dog around the house, watching Kansas City sports teams, and water skiing.
Nastran Andersen
Nastran AndersenChief Revenue Officer
As an inquisitive leader and born conversationalist, Nastran has secured a reputation for collaborating across organizational boundaries with a focus on building teams, gaining trust, and driving results. She has over 25 years of executive experience in sales, marketing, and corporate strategy within the healthcare IT industry and is committed to elevating the caregiver's role in transforming healthcare. When she's not at work, Nastran enjoys traveling and exploring different cultures with her husband and three children.
Craig Bullard
Craig BullardTechnology
Craig is a Full Stack Developer who enjoys making software that is easy and intuitive to use. He has worked on applications like Customer Experience Software that enables businesses to understand their customers' needs better and act on them, a leading global infant feed tracking software used by many hospitals, and an online marketplace allowing creators to sell their designs and assets. Craig enjoys watching movies, woodworking, D.I.Y. electronics, and traveling with his family.
Jose Burgon
Jose BurgonTechnology
Jose is a web developer who likes to build scalable web applications. Enjoys using his skills to contribute to the exciting advances that happen every day at Trualta. He is a lifelong learner and loves to watch shows (in every single streaming service), hiking and loves trying new specialty coffees in his beloved french press.
Alex Burke
Alex BurkeProduct
Alex is a product manager passionate about helping others through creative problem-solving and product design. In her spare time she enjoys all forms of textile crafts, hunting for antiques, honing her cooking skills, and karaoke. Alex holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a graduate certificate in User Experience Design.
Stephania Carbonio
Stephania CarbonioDesign
Steph is a User Experience and User Interface Designer. She’s passionate about the intersection between design, technology, and social impact. At Trualta she collaborates with the product development team and her job is to create enjoyable and meaningful experiences for the end-user. She loves post-its, collects McDonald's coffee cards, and thinks there’s always room for one more plant.
Taylor Carlin
Taylor CarlinDesign
Taylor is an industrial design student with a passion for health and wellness. By integrating her previous degree in Kinesiology and her knowledge in design, she hopes to bring positive social change through design. As an intern at Trualta, she looks forward to collaborating with the product development team and seeing the positive impact that design and technology can make. When she’s not designing, you’ll find her trying out new recipes, going for a run, or hiking with her dog.
Laura Chaise
Laura ChaiseSenior Strategy Advisor
Laura brings over 15 years of human services and strategy consulting experience to Trualta, most recently leading Complex Care strategy for a national Managed Care Organization. Outside of building her own consulting firm, Impact 120, she loves cheering for Duke basketball with her husband and two children.
Brandon  Dahl
Brandon DahlMarketing & Communications
Brandon started his career designing marketing collateral for a managed care company. He has since accumulated over 16 years of experience in marketing and developed a hunger for data and passion to use technology and analytics to help people. When he’s not at his desk, Brandon is likely on the couch with his two boys and two dogs playing video games.
Jesús Diaz
Jesús DiazTechnology
Jesús is a web developer passionate about web technologies, especially JavaScript. He wants to build meaningful web applications that can improve people's lives. He loves dogs, traveling, reading, cross-stitching, and running.
Monique Frahm
Monique FrahmResearch & Content
Monique works on the Content & Research team at Trualta as a Care Educator. She has experience as a Registered Nurse, as well as personal caregiving for her parents. She is passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of caregivers through both education and support. Outside of work, she can be found at the gym or with her dog and four cats!
Madison Fugard
Madison FugardResearch & Content
Madison works on the Content & Research team at Trualta, and is always advocating for the delivery of clear and actionable health information. She is also a registered occupational therapist working in primary care. Madison’s day always starts and ends by walking 10 000 steps with her dog Goose!
Beatrice Georges-Lemire
Beatrice Georges-LemireTechnology
Beatrice Georges-Lemire: Beatrice is a passionate front-end developer who thrives on building accessible technology that helps improve people's lives. When she's not learning new things about coding and tech, you can find her cuddling her pets, hiking, cooking up a storm in the kitchen or having a picnic by the river.
Michelle Guerrero
Michelle GuerreroResearch & Content
Michelle is a Research and Data Scientist on the Content and Research team at Trualta. She holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in health psychology and has expertise in public health and epidemiology. With 10+ years of research and analytical experience, she is an advocate of using data to improve impact and to drive decision-making. She is an enthusiast of outdoor activities, podcasts, music, and coffee.
Darci Henry
Darci HenryGrowth
Darci Henry is a licensed nursing home administrator with over 16 years of experience working in senior living communities and inpatient senior behavioral healthcare. Also certified as a therapeutic recreation specialist and a dementia practitioner, Darci is using her clinical experience to foster relationships with caregivers and providers to ensure they have access to pertinent resources, setting them up for success. <br><br> Darci has a bachelor’s degree in recreational therapy with an emphasis in gerontology from Northwest Missouri State University. She is a northwest Missouri native and is connected to the community both professionally and personally.
Donna Hildago
Donna HildagoProduct
Donna has held roles within product management for 20 years with focus on insurance, business travel and more recently innovation training. She firmly believes in an empathetic approach to solving simple and complex problems. Outside of work, Donna enjoys hiking, SUP and adventure travel and is constantly in search of the best bakeries and pastry shops in town.
Aubrie Johnson
Aubrie Johnson 
Aubrie is passionate about uncovering areas of opportunity for healthcare organizations to better manage the care of their patients. She came to Truala to be a part of the meaningful impact not only on the lives of caregivers, but to also positively impact patient outcomes. Aubrie has over thirteen years of comprehensive experience in process optimization and organizational needs assessment within the healthcare industry. In her personal time, Aubrie enjoys being active in the warm Texas weather with her husband and two young children.
Ayden Jones
Ayden JonesAAA Relationship Manager
Ayden Jones joins Trualta as AAA Relationship Manager. She has extensive experience working alongside the aging network and older adults themselves as we all navigate how to age well. She has also offered community programs focused on fall prevention and confronting end of life issues with dignity. When not working she can be found with animals, gardening, reading, hiking, or going on adventures with her family.
Mariana Kodama
Mariana KodamaTechnology
Mariana is a frontend developer passionate about performance and good practices. At Trualta, she wants to bring together the best in technology and healthcare in order to improve other people's lives. She loves running, snowboarding, and meditating.
Matt Krzyzynski
Matt KrzyzynskiEnterprise Relationship Manager
Matt is Trualta’s Customer Success Team Lead. He has over ten years experience in education and e-learning, starting his career as an elementary and junior high school teacher in Japan. He made the shift to tech and e-learning in Portland, OR, working as a Customer Success Manager for an online coding school and a K-12 writing and grammar software company. Matt loves driving outcomes for clients that make a broader community impact and helping individuals grow into the best version of themselves.
Archy Kuo
Archy KuoResearch & Content
Archy is a detail-oriented data analyst who thrives on transforming raw data into meaningful insights that drive business growth. With a background in statistical analysis and data visualization, Archy is passionate about helping Trualta harness the power of data to improve the lives of caregivers and their loved ones. Archy holds two MS degrees, one in Analytics and the other in Integrated Marketing. When not immersed in data, Archy can be found biking, cooking, or exploring restaurants.
Chris Kwapis
Chris KwapisGrowth
Chris is a high-growth start-up specialist working on our Growth Team. He is passionate about innovation and social entrepreneurship. Chris enjoys helping those in need and drives our growth across the frontlines of aging care. When he’s not at Trualta you can find him mountain biking, skiing, or reading.
Ellen Law
Ellen LawResearch & Content
Ellen is a member of the Content and Research team at Trualta. She studied Occupational Therapy at the University of Toronto. She is passionate about helping people find creative solutions to everyday challenges and supporting them to realize their true potential. When not working at Trualta, you can find Ellen gardening, acting onstage, or walking her cat, Frank.
Kristy Liu
Kristy LiuResearch & Content
Kristy works on the Content & Research team at Trualta and is an Occupational Therapy student. Kristy has a diverse background in fine arts, graphic design, marketing, and kinesiology. She is immensely passionate about blending these interests to explore the realm of possibilities healthcare technology can provide, both at Trualta and beyond.
Conner Logsdon
Conner LogsdonTalent
As People Operations Manager, Conner supports the hiring, onboarding, and ongoing development of Trualta's people to create a thriving employee experience. She started her career in corporate recruiting and more recently has experience overseeing human resource operations for education technology companies. Outside of work she spends time with her bernedoodle puppy, exploring the Kansas City food and drink scene, and cheering on Mizzou sports and the Kansas City Chiefs.
Erin Mahoney
Erin MahoneyResearch & Content
Erin is an experienced content leader from the health, fitness, and nutrition space. She uses a data-oriented approach that accurately targets the market need for compelling and accessible educational material. Her product marketing background also brings cohesion to gaps between education and marketing teams. When she isn't analyzing words, you can find her enjoying the outdoors in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ.
Tom McMahon
Tom McMahon 
Tom has a passion to connect caregivers with the healthcare system to enhance personal experiences and improve outcomes. He has a broad range of experience across payors, providers, and health tech companies in support of people on their journey to health and well-being. His experience is a personal one having helped care for his parents during serious illnesses.Tom, his wife and three daughters live in Louisville, Kentucky where they enjoy the outdoors, music, festivals and time with family.
Kunal Parikh
Kunal ParikhImplementation Manager
Kunal manages the product strategy and operations for Trualta, helping to maximize use of the program by caregivers. Holding a Doctor of Medicine degree, a postgraduate diploma in Digital Health, as well as being a Certified Associate in Project Management, Kunal is passionate about enabling informal family caregivers to care for their loved ones at home in a safe and effective manner.
James Purdy
James PurdyProduct
James is an advocate for our users, learning from their experiences to improve our product. He’s worked in user centric roles for a variety of companies within digital health, biotechnology, and venture capital. James holds a BSc and an MBA, and is always up for a challenge – such as 10,000 pull-ups in a year. He even built an app to track his progress!
Gabriel Quadrado
Gabriel QuadradoDesign
Gabriel is a Product Designer. He is passionate about tech, music and creating things. At Trualta, he wants to help the team solve end-user problems through creative design processes, tools and collaborative work. In his free time, he loves making bread at home, playing video games and play some instruments. 
Alex Ricci
Alex RicciTechnology
Alex is a frontend developer who's passionate about using technology to improve people's lives. When he's not helping to implement new features or designs at Trualta he loves to ride his bike, explore interesting places all around the world and keep up with the latest tech.
Leda Rosenthal
Leda RosenthalGrowth
As Director of Growth, Leda loves partnering with innovative care organizations. Leda became passionate about supporting family caregivers when her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, leading her to found a caregiver-focused technology discovery company in 2016. Most recently, Leda worked in eLearning sales at LinkedIn, making Trualta a perfect blend of her past experiences and passions. Outside of work, she loves skiing, pilates, and making wood fired pizzas!
Stephanie Shipley
Stephanie ShipleyClient Success
As the leader of the Client Success team, Stephanie is motivated to deliver innovative health improvement solutions to enhance the well-being of the population. At Trualta, Stephanie is excited to nurture and grow client relationships, adding innovative enhancements to further support caregivers. She believes that collaboration is key – achieving success together helps to deliver a best-in-class experience for all partners. In her free time, Stephanie enjoys baking, spending time outdoors and exploring new places and having new experiences with her husband and three children.
Andreea Sindiescu
Andreea SindiescuResearch & Content
Andreea works on the Content & Research team at Trualta. She studied occupational therapy and is committed to ensuring that caregivers have the tools they need to take care of themselves and their care recipients. She is also committed to ensuring that her kitten, Smoki, doesn’t knock the TV down when he’s zooming around the house!
Lindsay Tice
Lindsay TiceRelationship Manager
Lindsay is the Area Agency on Aging Relationship Manager at Trualta. She is passionate about caregiver education and aging advocacy having worked in various roles in long-term care and home care for over 18 years, as well as serving as a family caregiver herself. Lindsay is also an adjunct professor in Psychology at Queens University of Charlotte. Lindsay has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Queens University of Charlotte and a Master of Arts Degree in Gerontology from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
Shreeti  Tiwari
Shreeti TiwariTalent
Shreeti is the operations coordinator at Trualta. She prides on being organized and has an eye for details. She is great at time management, prioritization, and multitasking. In her free time, you can find her reading a book, walking, or building Legos with her toddler.
Mijal Vonderwalde
Mijal VonderwaldeResearch & Content
Mijal is a Manager on the Content Team, overseeing content production from start to finish. She leads a team of learning designers and content developers, collaborating to create actionable and relevant resources for caregivers. With a Master's of Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of Toronto and previous clinical experience, Mijal brings a comprehensive understanding of healthcare to her role. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies from Queen's University. When she’s not working, you can find Mijal with a cup of green tea in hand or out for a run (just not at the same time!).
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Our team includes a range of healthcare professionals, instructional designers, and eLearning experts.

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Social Worker
Dementia Expert

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Registered Nurse

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Caregiver Wellness Expert



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Our team is growing! See our current job postings here. If you’re interested, apply with your resume and leave us a note – we’d love to hear from you.

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