Activity & Recreation Support for Families during COVID-19


Activity & Recreation Support for Families during COVID-19 

We recently fielded a caregiving survey to our partners who provide services to more than 14,000 caregivers through 41 organizations. The results of this survey indicated that 63% of the organizations have had caregivers reach out to them about their struggle to find support such as respite and adult day programs during Covid-19. In addition to these concerns, caregivers are grappling with their loved ones’ loss of activity and participation and the negative impact that this can have in their loved ones’ physical and mental status. At a time like this, when caregivers are struggling to manage care with limited support and their loved ones aren’t able to participate in their usual activities, they need innovative solutions and support to ease their burden more than ever.

As isolation for older adults is unlikely to change in the near future, we are excited to announce that we have expanded Trualta’s content library to include activity-based modules to support caregivers and their loved ones during this time. We’ve partnered with experts in the field to bring caregivers meaningful content in an exciting new video format. In these videos you will meet one of our experts, Haley, who has more than 15 years of experience working with senior care communities. Her background in recreation therapy provides her with insight into meaningful activities that family caregivers can do with their loved ones at home. Haley writes content that provides realistic and person-centered solutions to sometimes difficult situations.

Our new “Activities & Recreation” badge includes modules like:

Relax and Unwind Together

Relaxation exercises can reduce stress and improve well-being for both caregivers and care receivers. In this module, caregivers will learn how to plan three different types of relaxation exercises that they can do with their loved one. With various options provided for breathing activities, sensory activities, and meditation activities, caregivers are sure to find something that works for their care situation! Caregivers and their loved ones can also follow along on video with one of our experts in an exclusive Trualta guided meditation.

Good Morning Stretches 

Getting into the habit of stretching in the morning has many benefits such as eliminating morning soreness and stiffness, promoting blood flow and joint health, and increasing energy levels. In this module, caregivers can follow along on video with one of our experts as she demonstrates a variety of stretches from head to toe. Caregivers will leave this module knowing how to safely plan a morning stretch routine for themselves and their loved one.

Outdoor Activities to Enjoy Together

One is never too old to enjoy time in nature. In fact, participating in activities outdoors is proven to improve mental and physical health for older adults. Family caregivers will learn how to safely plan outdoor activities such as nature meditation, outdoor crafts, and bird-watching to create new memories with their loved ones.

Living with a Purpose: Involving Your Loved One in Daily Tasks

Involving a loved one in normal life activities can give them a sense of purpose, routine and belonging. It can also increase their feelings of self-esteem and independence. In this module, caregivers will identify examples of purposeful activities their loved one can help with, as well as how to distinguish between chores and purposeful activities. 

Keeping Hands and Minds Busy: Baskets and Other Rummaging Inspiration

People with early to mid-stages of dementia often feel anxious and need to walk. When this happens, they can become distracted by things in their environment, such as drawers or cabinets. In this module, caregivers will learn how to give their loved one a safer option by creating bins of things to rummage, sift, and sort through. Caregivers will also discover other scenarios when having a busy basket or rummaging box can be beneficial.

Sensory Stimulation: Using the 5 Senses to Create Meaningful Moments

Sensory stimulation has many benefits for people with dementia, including feelings of peace, calm and comfort, opportunities to connect with others, positive changes in mood, and redirecting anxious behaviors. In this module, caregivers will learn how to use items in their home to create sensory stimulation kits and discover new ways of stimulating each of the senses!


To learn more about Trualta’s Activities & Recreation badge, contact Leda Rosenthal, Director of Growth, at or 1-800-214-5085 ext 1.