Addressing President Biden’s Executive Order to Support Caregivers and Improve Care

In mid-April President Biden issued an executive order to increase access to care, and to support paid caregivers and family caregivers around the country. The 50 directives outlined in this order tie in closely to the mission of Trualta, which is to provide valuable resources and support to the nation’s family caregivers. This blog post will explore Trualta’s role in addressing some of the mandates set forth in the executive order and how it is helping to improve caregiving in the United States.

Biden’s Executive Order

President Biden took a multi-prong approach in his executive order, choosing to focus on key areas including: improving access to high quality, affordable care; supporting paid caregivers; and supporting family caregivers. He noted the increasing cost of childcare and long-term care, and the implications this has on the labor force, as individuals are leaving the workforce in droves to care for family. For the purpose of this blog post, we will address the President’s actions that focus on families providing care since Trualta addresses the needs of unpaid, informal family caregivers.

Empowering Family Caregivers

Family caregivers play an essential role in the country’s care ecosystem. According to the executive order, more than 53 million people in the U.S. are family caregivers, including 5.5 million who care for service members and veterans. Many of these caregivers face challenges due to a “lack of support, training, and opportunities for rest,” which can negatively impact their physical and emotional health and well-being.

Trualta’s innovative online education platform was specifically designed for family caregivers. It offers education, training, and resources tailored to the unique needs of each family. Trualta helps family caregivers develop the necessary skills and knowledge to provide high-quality care for their loved ones. We also encourage them to take time to care for themselves and connect with other caregivers through our online community and support groups. By empowering family caregivers through education, and teaching them how to practice self-care, Trualta is directly addressing one of the key challenges outlined in the executive order to support caregivers.

Expanding Access to Affordable Care

One of the primary issues outlined in the executive order is the limited access to affordable, high-quality care. Many families and individuals who need care simply can’t afford to pay for it, and those who can afford to may not be able to find caregivers due to a workforce shortage. This means that care inevitably falls into the hands of relatives or friends.

Trualta understands that family members often become caregivers by necessity, not by choice. It partners with various community-based organizations (CBOs), government organizations, and health plans to support family caregivers so that care recipients receive better care at home without having to rely on costly professional services.

Trualta’s efforts to expand access to care include collaborating with care providers to develop innovative care models, partnering with government agencies to secure funding for care programs, and advocating for policy changes that support increased access to care. Through these initiatives, Trualta is directly addressing the mandate set forth by the executive order to increase access to affordable care.

Involving Family Caregivers in Discharge Planning

President Biden also states that hospitals should involve family caregivers in the hospital discharge planning process. Trualta is in agreement. We recognize that the transition from hospital to home often happens quickly, and that extra care and support are needed after a hospital stay. We also know that families may not feel prepared to take on the intense caregiving duties when their loved one comes home.

That’s why Trualta offers many lessons on hospital discharge and best practices. We offer relatable and informative content like:

  • Six Questions to Ask Before Discharge
  • Transitioning from Hospital to Home
  • We’re Home: Now What?

The Trualta platform is equipped with content for many touchpoints in a care journey, and is always available when someone encounters a new or daunting situation.

Supporting Caregivers in Tribal Nations

The executive order also includes directives that focus on improving care within Tribal Nations. President Biden states that he’d like to, “increase access to child care and long-term care in rural and Tribal communities.” This also aligns with Trualta’s current priorities and commitment to inclusivity.

For example, Trualta offers culturally relevant content and caregiver education for Indigenous communities, thanks to a partnership with the Minnesota Board on Aging (MBA). This collaboration in Minnesota, which involved Indigenous subject matter experts including social workers, artists, and caregivers, resulted in new courses.

The courses cover:

  • Steps to take to gain access to supports,
  • Using reminiscence therapy to engage an older adult, and
  • The Seven Grandfather Teachings.

Trualta is always expanding its content library and takes pride in its diverse offerings, understanding that caregivers come from many cultural backgrounds.

Committed to Supporting Caregivers

Trualta’s existing efforts to support and educate family caregivers directly align with the mandates set forth by President Biden’s executive order. Trualta is dedicated to enhancing the quality of care provided in the United States, and is playing a crucial role in ensuring that all unpaid caregivers have access to the resources they need to provide the best care for loved ones.

As the country continues to grapple with the challenges posed by an aging population that wants to remain at home, and a workforce shortage in the home care industry, it will need companies like Trualta to develop innovative solutions.