Evidence Base Post #2

Unparalleled Caregiver Insight

We have researched the family caregiver experience extensively from the perspective of families as well as clinicians. Through co-design with stakeholders, we validate the usability of the platform, the delivery of content, and the feasibility of improving health-related outcomes.

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Connecting the Intervention to the Outcomes

Our Academic Partners

Our research partners at the Center for Aging + Brain Health Innovation at Baycrest have funded a match control trial with 100+ family caregivers at the University of Florida. We are following families caring for a loved one with dementia for 6+ months to understand how Trualta’s educational intervention can reduce caregiver burden and improve care.

Trualta’s research activities are focused on outcomes that matter to our customers:

Using a variety of existing caregiver assessment tools, self-reported surveys and system-generated engagement data.
Including healthcare outcomes such as fewer falls, reduced readmission and infection rates, and increased time living independently.
Including improvements to continuity of care, discharge process and information transfer.
Including less time spent educating caregivers in-person, and fewer follow-up calls and pages from families
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Our Toronto office is connected to St. Michael’s Hospital, where we are a member of the Biomedical Zone accelerator and have access to clinicians and patients to strengthen our evidence base.


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