New Learning Library: Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Trualta’s New Learning Library

The challenges and service disruptions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of caregivers in supporting the needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Our new IDD learning library was created in response to our clients’ needs, as many are community-based organizations that serve older adults, individuals living with Alzheimers and related dementias, and IDD populations. Our clients expressed their desire to have one centralized resource hub for the different populations that they serve rather than keeping track of and referring to various different resources for each population.

Trualta’s launch of the IDD learning library is our latest step in better aligning with our partners and working together towards shared goals.

Our first four courses are designed to educate and support users ranging from the newest caregivers looking for guidance to experienced caregivers seeking ways to refine their approach. These modules encourage the creation of a unique style of care tailored to support the needs and goals of the individual with IDD.

In creating the IDD learning library, we partnered with an IDD subject matter expert who works as an occupational therapist for a non-profit organization serving individuals with IDDs. With research and clinical expertise informing our modules, we are excited to announce that Trualta’s learning library is officially expanding to include topics for caregivers of those with IDDs.

Our new IDD Learning Library includes 4 courses that cover the following topics: 

  • Skin Care
  • Bathing
  • Sleep
  • Oral Care
  • Dressing
  • Reducing Social Isolation
  • Starting to Exercise
  • Verbal and Physical Aggression
  • Creating a Stable Routine
  • Helping with Anxiety
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Support for Mental Illness


Click here for the list of references used in this research

To learn more about our new IDD Learning Library content for caregivers, contact Leda Rosenthal, Director of Growth, at or 1-800-214-5085 ext 1.