Trualta for
Healthcare Providers

Improve Care at Home and Reduce Readmissions

Trualta is an online education and support platform that provides informal caregivers confidence for Better Days™.

Extend the Reach of Care into the Home

What happens when patients return home? Do their loved ones have the information, skills, and confidence they need to provide the best care? The primary caregiver may not have been there at discharge or available during follow up calls to receive instructions or ask questions. Trualta provides caregivers with 24/7 access to education and support resources.


  • 40% of caregivers say they delay discharge because they feel unprepared.
  • 63% of caregivers report needing more information or help on caregiving topics.
  • 67% of caregivers would be more satisfied with their provider if they offered Trualta.

Enhanced Caregiver Support

Isolation, stress, and poor self-care lead to caregiver burnout and ultimately a decrease in the quality of care at home. Trualta provides a learning platform and supportive online community that’s designed to meet the diverse needs of caregivers, enabling them to be more effective in their caregiving roles.

Personalized Learning Paths

Leveraging micro-assessments, user behavior, and user preferences, Trualta personalizes content to fit individual situations, ensuring relevance and applicability. Trualta recognizes that every caregiver faces unique challenges.

Accessible and Culturally Relevant

Trualta’s platform is accessible any time, allowing caregivers to learn at their own pace and according to their own schedule. Content is available in English and Spanish with culturally relevant material.

Multimedia Resources

Recognizing different learning preferences, Trualta offers a variety of short form educational content including videos, articles, interactive activities, and live webinars to engage caregivers effectively.

Community and Support Networks

Beyond education, Trualta’s chat room connects caregivers with peers and experts for advice and support, fostering a community of shared knowledge and encouragement. Trualta’s support groups are facilitated by a registered nurse and caregiving expert.

Care Coaching

Our care coaches provide one-on-one guidance and communication with caregivers to walk them through the portal, direct them to resources, and provide a listening ear.

Caregiver Testimonials

Trualta’s resources have been a game-changer for me. The advice and tips I’ve learned have made daily care tasks much more manageable.
The flexibility to learn when I can has helped me balance care with other responsibilities without compromising on the quality of care.
Staci Hannah
Trualta’s resources have been a game-changer for me. The advice and tips I’ve learned have made daily care tasks much more manageable.
Jennifer Seher

Improved Patient Outcomes

With Trualta, healthcare providers can have greater confidence in the care that their patients receive at home. Caregivers equipped with the right knowledge can provide higher quality care, which is fundamental to improving patient outcomes.
While specific outcomes can vary, the overall improvement in the quality of care provided by confident caregivers is a key goal of Trualta. It is understood that better equipped caregivers often leads to:

  • More consistent adherence to care plans
  • Reduction in preventable complications
  • Greater patient satisfaction and comfort

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trualta is committed to protecting the privacy of its users and is HIPAA compliant. All personal information is securely stored and managed in accordance with privacy laws and regulations.

Our robust admin dashboard enables staff to recommend content, report on caregiver activity, and identify caregiver needs from micro-assessments.

You can upload your own content and resources to better address the needs of your patients. Local events can also be added to the calendar and users can register to attend.

Our subject matter experts not only translate content, but also update content to ensure it is culturally relevant. Currently, the platform is fully available in English and Spanish with additional languages being released in the future.

We have researched the family caregiver experience extensively from the perspective of families as well as clinicians. Through co-design with stakeholders, caregiving experts, and healthcare professionals, we provide clinically validated content in a variety of short and accessible modalities so caregivers can learn quickly and apply their knowledge immediately.

5 Steps to Creating a Caregiver Strategy

Our guide provides a comprehensive roadmap to help health plans develop a tailored program that addresses caregivers’ unique challenges.

Identify Gaps: Learn how to assess caregiver needs and identify gaps in your current support system.

Personalized Support: Discover strategies for developing a tailored support program that meets caregivers’ unique needs.

Ensure Success: Uncover the secrets to engaging stakeholders and implementing a successful caregiver support program.

Don’t wait, start building a stronger caregiver support program today!