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Engage self-directed workers and paid family caregivers with an innovative, on-demand training model.

Organizations that manage self‑directed caregiver programs

Our partners include:


  • Veteran’s Self-Directed
  • Medicaid Consumer-Directed
  • State Programs


  • Self-Directed PSS
  • Self-Managed Care

Provide a Personalized, Skill-based Learning Experience

Trualta has adapted professional-level healthcare training for the untrained self-directed worker or paid family caregiver audience. We deliver the training via an informal and interactive online learning environment, and tailor the learning to each caregiver’s situation. Quizzes and activities promote participation, and the system incentivizes engagement with a gamified rewards system. Our team supports you with turnkey marketing material to drive awareness and engagement.

Client Success Program

We know that setting up new caregiver programs can be a daunting task – especially when the programs are virtual. You need to feel comfortable that you have a reliable, accessible technology partner, and that you can integrate the program into your current operations. After working with numerous organizations building remote caregiver programs for the first time, we created Trualta’s Client Success Program.

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Extend Aging in Place

In one publicly funded system, home care costs $42/day, a third of the $126/day in long-term care – if there is even a bed available. Enabling families to become confident and competent caregivers is critical to extending time at home.

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Trualta’s eLearning platform can be delivered at point-of-care, in the home, or remotely, and can be customized to match the brand and experience of the sponsoring organization.

Home & Community Care
Home & Community Care
Case Managers and Care Coordinators onboard families to their personalized learning journey in the home to reduce caregiver burden, improve satisfaction and extend aging-in-place.
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Acute, Post-Acute & Rehab
Acute, Post-Acute & Rehab
Discharge and Transition Teams engage family members during the inpatient stay, to set expectations and begin preparation for care at home. Improve HCAHPS and satisfaction scores, while reducing burnout and readmission rates.
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Payers & Managed Care
Payers & Managed Care
Keep your highest need population happy and healthy at home for as long as possible by preparing and supporting the family members that provide care.
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