Support for Caregivers Experiencing Grief and Loss

Support for Caregivers Experiencing Grief and Loss

Grief and loss are common companions to caregiving1. Diverse feelings of grief and loss may be felt by caregivers and their loved ones at various points while enduring a chronic or terminal illness and at end-of-life2. A caregiver may be faced with the functional decline of their loved one, feelings of isolation, caregiver burden, and worry over the uncertainty of the near future3. As such, caregivers are at high risk of becoming exposed to psychological distress both during and after the death of a loved one4. In fact, some researchers have suggested that the biggest barrier caregivers of those with chronic degenerative diseases face is not the management of hands-on care, but rather the grief associated with the caring process5.

There is a great need to support caregivers in their grief. In listening to our healthcare partners, we saw this need reflected as content focusing on mitigating caregiver grief was frequently requested. That is why we sought to develop content that speaks to both the demands and sensitivities of caregivers during a difficult time. To do so, we consulted a caregiver educator with more than 17 years of experience, who facilitates workshops on open-communication, and creating cultures of compassion and empowerment.

With this expertise to help inform our educational content, we are pleased to announce that Trualta is expanding the content library to include a focus on caregiver grief and loss. As loss is often an ongoing process, we developed modules to support current, former, and future caregivers of those with chronic and terminal illnesses that can be revisited for continual guidance.

Our new Grief and Loss course is scheduled to officially launch at the end of July 2021 and includes the following modules:

Introduction to Grief and Loss

Grief and loss involve complicated and diverse experiences. In this module, caregivers will be provided with an overview of the different types of grief and various ways grief may affect them.

Stages of Grief

Loss can be overwhelming and difficult to make sense of. It can be helpful for caregivers to have an understanding of what a grieving process may look like so that they can track their healing progress. While there is no right or wrong way to grieve, in this module caregivers will be provided an overview of emotions they may feel while grieving, along with actionable tasks they can focus on to heal.

Preparing for Loss

Confronting the end-of-life with loved ones can help both caregivers and their loved ones accept the reality of the situation and focus on enjoying their remaining time together. In this module, caregivers will learn strategies to support their loved one and themselves as they prepare for their loved one’s passing.

Coping with Loss

Psychological resilience and satisfaction with caregiving can be protective against negative health outcomes in caregivers. To facilitate this emotional strength, in this module caregivers will learn about activities they can do to help them remember their loved one. Caregivers will also be provided with questions to help them reflect on their caregiving experience and their loved one in order to help them find meaning in their loss.

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