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Training for families managing difficult care situations

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A new way to engage family caregivers

An innovative program designed to bring actionable, skill-based training directly to the family caregiver. Available online & in-print, best-in-class learning helps caregivers manage difficult situations when caring for an aging loved one with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia.

We love the idea of completing the modules online and having the ability to engage in new ones. There is a definite need for caregivers to have continual support.

Director of Customer Care, Missouri

We onboarded our first caregiver today and it went very well!  She felt that the site was easy to navigate.

Clinical Manager, Michigan

I used many of the techniques during my last visit and they were incredibly helpful with both parents! It was such a relief to have access to advice, techniques I’d never thought of, and also the recognition that there’s a whole community of amateur caregivers out there – I’m not alone!

Caregiver, Oklahoma

I think it’s a great platform & it’s very easy to navigate. Caregivers will find it easy to use.

Case Manager, Missouri

A Platform to Fit Caregiver Needs

Designed to reduce caregiver burden and improve outcomes for seniors aging-in-place

Metrics & Outcomes

Measure engagement, knowledge retention and caregiver wellness easily through the staff dashboard

Local Events

Post events nearby like caregiver support groups, classes, and other resources

Content Expertise

Help families manage difficult care situations with accredited content from experts like Teepa Snow

Varied Delivery

Access interactive and engaging modules via print, video, audio, animation and eLearning formats

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