Trualta’s Dedication to Protecting the Privacy of our Users Data

We often get asked – how do you manage privacy and health data of your users? The answer is simple.

Trualta only collects basic demographic data, as self-reported by caregivers. While we will analyze health records during a pilot in the Biomedical Zone, we are not currently integrating health records into the platform. We do analyze user’s engagement with the program and may periodically survey users to better tailor content recommendations to their needs; however, no health information will be collected directly in the platform.

We comply with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act in Canada and all users agree to our Terms of Service when completing their profile. We use cloud-based data storage, but all of our data can be stored in Canada for Canadian users, or in the US for American users.

At Trualta, the privacy of personal health information of our users is imperative to our operations. We want our users, and customers to deliver high quality care while respecting the privacy and regulations around health data.

Overall, we make this a daily mission for us – drop us a line if you have any questions!

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